Environmental Protection

Alyeska Pipeline Water Quality Program

In order to use any water, Alyeska has to acquire permits from the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Alyeska acquires special permits to treat, monitor and sample waters to ensure protection the water in Alaska and beyond.

Alyeska's Water Quality Program covers three areas: drinking water, wastewater and water use. Alyeska routinely samples and monitors its drinking water quality to ensure its compliance with state drinking water regulations and standards and uses numerous techniques for treating wastewater. TAPS water sources are as varied as the terrain the pipeline traverses: wells, lakes and creeks, and municipal works.

Generally, pump stations draw water from wells. However, Pump Station 1 hauls water from the North Slope Borough's Deadhorse facility to the pump station; the Valdez Marine Terminal draws water from a creek. Domestic treatment systems are designed to treat biological wastes, however Alyeska has treatment systems and administrative processes to ensure that industrial waste streams do not enter the biological treatment systems.

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