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Oil Spill Exercise Program

Response readiness goes beyond equipment: personnel must be trained to react quickly and efficiently in the event of a spill. That’s why Alyeska employees train for oil spill response year-round. Alyeska and SERVS perform more than 70 drills and exercises every year. These events vary in size and scale, and can be planned in advance or be unannounced. Some events are small and occur regularly, such as a call-out to check the availability of spill responders. Some are large and intensive; once or twice a year, there are full-scale drills in Prince William Sound. A large emergency response team is activated, and more than 200 people - from Alyeska, governmental agencies and community organizations - participate in table-top exercises to rehearse the response to a large marine spill.

These drills ensure that that Alyeska is in compliance with regulatory requirements and that its employees work to continuously improve their response skills.

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